Feb 2, 2007

An army of Al Gores

Al's on the march, recruiting hundreds of volunteers to go forth and spread his message.
Gore has trained nearly 1,000 of his foot soldiers to give the same presentation that he delivers in the movie [An Inconvenient Truth]. His disciples, who are required to give at least 10 talks a year, are not just scientists but volunteers from all walks of life including teachers, housewives and even celebrities like Cameron Diaz.


During this global-warming boot camp, Gore stands in front of his cavalry for about 12 hours and explains the slide show presentation he gives in the movie. The volunteers are not required to follow a set script, but Gore offers specific advice on how to engage the audience and use metaphors to explain complex scientific information. A scientist on Gore's staff is present during the training to answer any technical questions posed by the volunteers, and a professional speech trainer offers public speaking advice.

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