Feb 8, 2007

Apathy punctuated by flashes of disgust--and longing

I seem to have spent the past two days reading everything about the John Edwards/bloggers brouhaha and I don't even know why. But you know how these things go, you read about it on one blog and then click to another, then another and before you know it, you've lost several hours of your life. I have nothing to add, nor am I particularly interested in the topic. (Although this is funny. So is this)

Why spend so much time on something I don't care about? You tell me.

Another story that fails to grip is the Scooter Libby trial. It's like Jarndyce v. Jarndyce. My take on the whole matter is that when you appoint someone to investigate something, he pretty much feels obligated to charge someone and the result is the Libby trial. Oh, and Joseph Wilson should ditch the double-breasted jacket. I've seen pix of him walking the corridors of power wearing a double-breasted blazer for about a month now. I don't much care for double-breasted jackets in the best of circumstances, but it's a real fashion don't for the portly gentleman.

The other big news of the day seems to be that some party girl has made a sex tape and apparently considers this a good career move.

Anyway, I've spent the remainder of my online time over the past few days here, reading about Fashion Week. This is where the longing comes in. I really, really love this coat.


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