Jan 24, 2007

Why do we need a rebuttal of the SOTU?

I mean, regardless of which party you belong to, whoever's the president is still the president of all of us. According to Wikipedia, the other side's been rebutting since 1966. I'm pretty sure most people just change the channel before the other side comes on.

Anyway, I watched Webb last night. I wasn't going to, but I was too lazy to change the channel. He seemed OK--composed, well-spoken. Nothing exactly earth shattering, though. It's really not what the Democrats say after the speech that's important, but what they do regarding the president's proposals. And Webb was pretty short on specifics.

The problem with the address in general is its laundry list approach: It's boring. That said, I thought Bush did well. His opening about Nancy Pelosi was gracious--Nancy's facelift seems to settling nicely, BTW, and she looked good--and he seemed much more relaxed than he was during the surge speech. I liked his tax credit for health insurance, though apparently the Democrats won't even give it a hearing. I thought the foreign policy part was good. Now we just have to see what the Democrats do.

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