Jan 29, 2007

It's a little early in the day

To decide who the ultimate bad guys are in 24. Stefan Kanfer is glad this year's bad guys are Muslim terrorists.
he new season features radical Muslims as the bad guys. Not Presbyterians. Not animists. Not Shintoists. Not Buddhists. Not Seventh-day Adventists. Not Rosicrucians. No, the characters fighting the U.S. have thick Arabic or African accents, and they have no compunction about killing children, the unarmed, the innocent, the unsuspecting. CAIR has once again complained, but Fox seems uninterested in accommodating them this time out.
But with the reappearance of the man behind last season's plot--now identified as Jack Bauer's brother Graham--leads me to suspect that the Muslim terrorists may be pawns in a much larger scheme. I just hope "Big Oil" or "right-wing reactionaries" aren't the culprits.

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