Dec 19, 2006

The weakest link

Frosty the snowman.
Frosty the Snowman was always the weak link in the children's Santa-Rudolph-Frosty fantasy. Santa-- well, you bought into him without question. Flying reindeer were harder to believe, but if Santa was to make all those deliveries in one long night, he'd need a magical transport, right?

But Frosty? A talking frigging snowman animated by a stage magician's hat? That one even stupid kids gagged on. And it made them question Santa.

I know I personally found out Santa wasn't real when I questioned the Frosty the Snowman bullshit. I just wanted my Mom to confirm this idiotic snow-golem was fake, but she took the opportunity to also tell me Santa wasn't real either.

Santa? Santa? Santa's not real?!?

I underwent this trauma all because of my strong doubts about Frosty the Abominable Snowjob. Slightly less plausible than even the Tooth Fairy. (And no one cared if the Tooth Fairy was real or not anyway.)

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