Dec 19, 2006

Tripoli Six sentenced to death

For the second, and likely final, time for supposedly deliberately infecting children with the HIV virus.
Parents of the infected children said they were happy with the verdicts.

Some cried out in court as the verdicts were delivered, while others were gathered outside carrying banners.

"For the second time, justice has spoken out with a ruling against those criminals and the punishment they deserve, because they violated their obligations and sold their consciences to the devil," Abdullah Maghrebi, the father of one infected child, told the BBC.

Tsvetanka Siropoula, the sister-in-law of one of the convicted nurses, told the Reuters news agency that the sentence of death was to be expected.

"I am sure they will be released, but it will take time. It is so sad that so many years have passed and they are still in jail."
The five nurses and one doctor have been in prison since 1999.

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