Dec 11, 2006

Taking forgiveness too far

Kidnapped Christian Peacemakers won't testify against their captors if the captors face execution.
The men believed that their kidnappers were victims of the cycle of violence unleashed by the US-led invasion and occupation. "We feel this must be considered in any potential judgment," said Mr Loney, citing the "catastrophic levels of violence and the lack of effective protection of human rights. I believe that every human life is sacred."

Asked if he thought that he had been naive in going to Iraq with the mission, Mr Kember said: "Yes, we were naive, if Jesus was naive and Martin Luther King was naive and Gandhi was naive." He said that after being "in denial" about the trauma he had suffered he had "apart from intrusions by the media, gradually settled back pretty well", thanks to his wife, family, friends and church.

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