Dec 12, 2006

R U hot enough?

Probably not. Charles links to this story on HotEnough, an online dating service for the pretty.
"This is the site for the hotties. If you're a very attractive, fit guy, chances are you're going to go out with an attractive, fit girl," says [CEO and founder Jason] Pellegrino, 32, also a vice president in property management marketing and sales. He'd been an avid online dater on Yahoo! Personals and, but was less than impressed.

Especially in online dating's early days, "It wasn't always the most attractive people -- it was the boldest, the bravest, and the most desperate," says Pellegrino, who believes that less than 15 percent of traditional Internet daters are great lookers. "Let's face it -- when you go online, you look at photos and the profiles second. I wanted to create a site for a demographic that was being overlooked on the online market."

I thought good-looking people already had their choice of dates and mates. That's what the non-alpha males are always complaining about. Anyway, HotEnough isn't the first online dating site for the gorgeous.

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