Dec 22, 2006

Not just an anti-Semite

But also a bit of a nut. Judith Regan, would be publisher of OJ Simpson's book, If I Did It.
According to the executives and another person involved in the incident, Ms. Regan was investigated in the spring of 2003 after an editor complained that she had boasted of removing the scrolls from her neighbors’ mezuzas and replacing them with torn pieces from dollar bills.

A mezuza is a small slender case containing a scroll inscribed with a prayer that many Jewish families place beside their front doors.

The two executives said the company’s investigation had corroborated the employee’s account and Ms. Regan was reprimanded at the time.
That's not only malicious, it's wacky. Who has the time and energy to go around ripping scrolls out of mezuzas?

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