Dec 8, 2006

Four women, one dress

The first lady and three guests show up at a Kennedy Center gala wearing the same outfit.
Letitia Baldridge, Jacqueline Kennedy's chief of staff and White House social secretary, says the gown was beautiful, but oh, what a faux pas!

"They all should have congratulated one another on their good taste and the fact that they could afford the dress. … Jacqueline Kennedy, when she was first lady, made sure, and her couturiers made sure, that nobody else wore that dress that season."

The real question, Assuras observes, is, how could this have happened?

"If you're paying (that) much for a dress," Assuras asks, "wouldn't you want to be confident you'll be the only one wearing it? Especially if you're the first lady?"

So, says Assuras, Mrs. Bush made an executive decision.

"She went upstairs and changed," Baldridge says. "Very easy for her to do. Very, the right thing to do. Take the heat off the other three women."

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