Dec 6, 2006

F**k James Baker

No one voted for him. But to listen to Carl Levin tell it, he's been appointed from on high. And he's eating the report up with a spoon. I've really got to stop listening to NPR on the drive home.

Other than that, the official release of the report provides no surprises. Pull combat troops out, talk to Iran and Syria ... Yada, yada, yada. There's also a bit about how Bush should "aggressively tackle the Israeli-Palestinian dispute to reduce the broader regional tensions fueling the Iraq conflict." I regard this as a complete red herring; the non-existent peace process has nothing to do with Iraq. But I guess Baker, the foreign policy mandarin, thinks he can solve all the Middle East's problems in one fell stroke.

The real question is how Bush will respond to the report in the coming months. And whether he can hold out against a Democratic Congress that seems to want to adopt this report verbatim.

Here's a summary of the report. Here's the whole thing.

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