Nov 6, 2006

University for sale

Oxford cuts a deal with Saudi Prince Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz to provide an easy in for Saudi students in exchange for a a £2 million donation to the Ashmolean Museum.
Academic tie-ups with international universities are not uncommon in Oxford but critics say existing schemes are not linked to financial donations. They also tend to be arranged at college level and with leading universities, often members of the US Ivy League. Prince Sultan University was established in 1999 and offers just five degrees in computer science, information systems, accounting, finance and marketing.

Peter Oppenheimer, a senior academic at Christ Church College, said: "Prince Sultan [University] is not Princeton. Of all the thousands of universities in the world, why are we having a special relationship with a second-rate university? It is hard not to conclude that a foreign university have bought their way in."

Via The Spine.

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