Nov 17, 2006

This is the sort of thing that makes everyone anti-immigration

From a newspaper editorial:
Public libraries in Rockland have been asked to consider changing the rules for getting a library card, because immigration activists say the rule has proven to be onerous for undocumented immigrants. We applaud the call for such consideration, and the receptiveness librarians are showing. We express confidence that they can reach a solution that puts books and other materials in the hands of those who want to learn, grow, or just be entertained.

The Rockland Immigration Coalition complains that requiring a photo ID to get a library card stops undocumented immigrants from obtaining library cards. That means they can't check out material, or avail themselves of other services the library provides with a card.

Anyone can go inside a public library and read or use the computers, but public libraries are paid for with taxes. Taxes don't come from the undocumented.

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