Nov 30, 2006

'Things are smelling rather like Vietnam to me'

Jay Nordlinger:
Perhaps you have been bothered by the same scent. Back in 1975, a Democratic Congress — fresh from a huge win, post-Watergate — cut off funding to the South, causing the government to fall. Something like 52,000 Americans had just finished dying to keep those people from Communism. President Ford pleaded with the Democrats not to starve the South, to maintain our commitment — but the Democrats had other ideas, and the country let them do it.

We were the ones who elected them in the first place.

Will this new Democratic Congress, controlling the purse, cut loose the Iraqis? Will we leave them to the jihadists, the bombers, the beheaders? Will Americans really mind?

A terrible question.

Similar to what I was thinking here. God knows, I hope this doesn't come to pass. Bush has repeatedly said we won't leave--even since the election and the unceremonious dumping of Rumsfeld. Anyway, I've had my say. We can only wait until January to see what the new Congress brings.

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