Nov 27, 2006

McCain: Modern day Bull Moose

Much to the chagrin of Matt Welch, who slogs through McCain's writings to get at the heart of the real McCain.

There's something for everyone here. McCain's belief in big government might gladden the heart of Democrats while his bellicosity might sit well with pro-war Republicans. But can a limited government type go for his noisy interventions like the McCain-Feingold travesty? Likewise how can anti-war types endorse a man who:
has supported every U.S. military intervention of the last two decades, urged both presidents to rattle their sabers louder over North Korea and Iran, lamented the Pentagon's failure to intervene in Darfur and Rwanda and supported a general policy of "rogue state rollback." He's a fan of Roosevelt's Monroe-Doctrine-on-steroids stick-wielding in Latin America. And — like Bush — he thinks too much multilateralism can screw up a perfectly good war.

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