Nov 20, 2006

I love my mechanic

One of my belts started to come apart this weekend so I took it down to my trusty mechanic this morning and he informed me that I've got the wrong kind of pulley on my alternator. It's got six sprockets (notches? something?) instead of five, which led to a fraying of the serpentine (?) belt. All he needed was a new pulley, but he was having trouble finding one and suggested I scour junkyards for an old alternator that he could pull the pulley off of. Fifteen minutes later, he called back to tell me that a friend had agreed to let him have a pulley.

When I had my little problem last month, he tried to plug the leak with sealant tablets and when that didn't work he only charged me for the coolant instead of the $45 he had quoted me on the phone. And he looked through my service records this morning to determine if the head gasket repair people had put on the wrongful pulley. They had replaced the serpentine belt, he told me, and suggested I might want to get in touch with

So here's to you, Dave at Economy Service Center. Thanks for everything.

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