Nov 29, 2006

Here we go again

For the record, if anyone wants to wish me a Merry Christmas they have my blessing. I consider it an expression of goodwill. Put up a nativity scene while you're at it. And pipe in Silent Night or Oh Come All Ye Faithful.

But I'm really tired of the whole controversy about wishing people a happy holiday instead of a Merry Christmas. The other day I heard a commercial for some Fox News show on "The War Against Christmas," and I wanted to gag. It's now a part of the holiday news cycle, along with sales reports for Black Friday, the hot toy of the year and the obligatory "How to Not Gain Weight at Those Holiday Christmas parties." Enough already.

Then I read this. The Chicago City Council has instructed the organizers of a Christmas festival to drop the movie The Nativity Story as a sponsor because it would offend people of different faiths. People of different faiths who are attending a Christmas festival. Are offended by the story of Jesus. At a festival called Christkindlmarket. Christ Child Market.

Boggles the mind.

ADDED: Slightly related: The Peace Symbol Wreath Brouhaha.

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