Nov 22, 2006

'Give me a blatant hater any day'

Jonathan points to this post by Judith Weiss on a "talkback" with Rachel Corrie's parents.
Mr and Mrs Corrie are just about the WASPiest WASPs you ever saw. They are very polite and well-groomed and caring. They are the American Gothic of the appeasement movement. They sincerely believe that they are - as Mr Corrie said - fighting for "the human rights of Israelis as well as Palestinians" by sadly tut-tutting over anything Israel does to kill terrorists or keep them from killing Israelis. **** Perhaps you have seen videos of really nutty moonbats like Ward Churchill or Noam Chomsky. Folks, what I saw Tuesday night is the soft sell, and it's way more scary.

Also sickening.

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