Nov 8, 2006

By no means comprehensive roundup of election reactions

Time for serious introspection.
Tough days ahead. But we’ll be all the better for it if we learn the right lessons and apply the right prescriptions for change. That’s what adults do about defeat. Not whine about “stolen elections” or “rigged machines.” Let’s take our medicine and participate in the birth of a better, more responsible, more responsive Republican party.

"What does the election mean for bloggers?

The morning after.
Even though her constituency in San Francisco is loopy-leftist, [Nancy] Pelosi is a pragmatist, raised by a mayor of Baltimore, and more than anything she wants her term as Speaker to last more than two years. She also has a freshman class that is more centrist than the House Democratic leadership. Given the thinness of the Democrats’ margin in the House, the freshmen can make trouble for her, and must be accommodated to some degree. The ones which come from highly competitive districts will not want to go along with the agenda of Alcee Hastings or John Conyers.

Back to work:
Why didn't we win this time? We didn't show up with the ammo for the war of ideas. Namely, ideas.

Democrats can prove they're not the cut-and-run party.

It wasn't all about Iraq.
How do we know? By one of the few bright spots last night: Joe Lieberman’s crushing defeat of the left-wing-blogger favorite Ned Lamont.

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