Nov 9, 2006

Brooklyn lite

Domino's Brooklyn-style pizza doesn't compare to the real thing.
Domino’s uses its standard sauce and a blend of mozzarella and provolone on the Brooklyn Style Pizza. At most slice stores in Brooklyn, you won’t find cornmeal on the crust, and the cheese is usually a blend of shredded part skim and whole milk mozzarella. The typical sauce is usually not as sweet as Domino’s, but it doesn’t compare with Totonno’s.

Totonno’s uses unadulterated tomato sauce and thin slices of fresh mozzarella hand-pulled with just a little salt in it, and a dusting of pecorino-Romano cheese.

The Domino’s pizza has an oddly sweet crust that somehow manages to blend the characteristics of cotton and rubber.

Totonno’s dough is made fresh the day it’s baked and is never refrigerated. The result is crust that blisters nicely in the coal-fired oven. It has an airy chew, and it cracks a little when you fold the slice.
I actually had the Domino's pizza. It's not bad, but the crust definitely has a strange sweetness to it. I'd compare it to a slightly stale cookie. Or zwieback.

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