Oct 11, 2006

Why don't you look into another line of work, Ali?

Have you been following the Minneapolis taxi driver story? It seems Minneapolis airport officials have finally wised up and ditched a proposal to allow Muslim taxi drivers to refuse alcohol-laden passengers. About time.

A few years back, there was a kerfuffle in New York about taxi drivers refusing to pick up black passengers or to take passengers to certain neighborhoods. Taxi drivers, who receive licenses from the city, complained that they were afraid for their safety. The city, quite properly, clamped down on the practice.

If you have a problem picking up certain passengers in the course of your duties as a cabdriver, might I suggest a career change? Waiters and salesclerks have been forced to wait on assholes since time immemorial. As a reference librarian, I dislike helping the smelly, the stupid and the vicious. For example, I didn't like "helping" the guy who wanted to look up Jewish slaveowners in order to "prove" that it was the Jews who were behind slavery. So suck it up, Ali. Or consider changing jobs.

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