Oct 6, 2006

This is about how I felt when I tried to read it

A non-review of Oblomov, "the famous 19th-century Russian slacker novel."
DAY 3: Overslept. One p.m. But not to worry. Today the earth will shake! Today I will tackle “Oblomov,” the famous 19th-century Russian slacker novel written by Ivan Goncharov. And then I will write the most insightful essay ever written on the subject — a short, funny, but oddly moving meditation (“This short and funny meditation oddly moved me,” important people will say over breakfast) on Russian laziness that will somehow tie in with the Internet-addicted, short-attention. ... To the devil with this apartment! And now the light bulb in the hallway is out as well!

Oblomov depressed me. Hit a little too close to home, I think. I prefer spending time with these layabouts.

Via Languor Management.

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