Oct 19, 2006

Tet, Tet

President Bush accedes to a comparison of Iraq and Vietnam. Lefties claim vindication. TigerHawk sets them straight.
Tet, however, was not a military disaster for the United States. Quite to the contrary, history has revealed that the Tet offensive was in fact a crushing defeat for the Viet Cong, and effectively required that the Communists conquer the South by invasion from the North, rather than by civil insurgency. The Viet Cong were only able to turn a military disaster into strategic victory by persuading the American media that the United States was mired in stalement. With the domestic political support for the war fading fast, the United States decided to withdraw from Indochina, even though it would take Nixon and Kissinger another four years to accomplish it.

There's a parallel there, all right.

MORE: "OpEds count more than bullets."

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