Oct 25, 2006


The media still love him, especially after Sunday's appearance on "Meet the Press."

Some bloggers, however, not so much. David Adesnik spots some weaknesses in his Tim Russert interview, while LaShawn Barber thinks he's just plain overrated. And she suspects that he's overrated because he's black and articulate.
I have a few ideas. First, Obama is “articulate.” No big deal, right? Well, for a black person, it seems to be. At least that’s how I perceive it. Back in 2004 when I was still working a day job at a heavily Democrat-voting organization, the word “articulate” was uttered frequently as white co-workers described Obama’s big speech at the Democratic convention. It wasn’t so much what he said, as I discovered when I read the text of his speech, but how he said it.


Second, Obama now has a book to sell. With a fawning and easily infatuated leftist media, liberal authors don’t need to waste money paying publicists. Every major newspaper and magazine is a publicity machine, cranking out the kind of copy that would cost the author an arm and a leg if he/she had to pay someone to write it. I should be so lucky!

The man owns the current issue of TIME magazine. I mean, come on! He hasn’t done anything in the Senate to distinguish himself. He’s just…black.
I wrote about the Obama bandwagon here.

ADDED: The Obama drama.

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