Oct 24, 2006

Deal with it

A man's lot in life.
1. Her hair is more important than yours. You probably get a cut from the same barber you've been going to for twenty years and you spent maybe $12. She can't ever seem to find the right hairdresser and every stop on the journey costs her another $65 minimum. That's why nobody tells you "nice hair cut" - because it pales to insignificance beside hers, and besides (get over it) nobody gives a crap about your hair unless it is filthy - which is strike three. You pay her a compliment on how her hair looks and that's the end of it.

2. Christmas and Birthdays are for kids and women. Get over it. On Christmas your gift has to top out hers on the expense list. I wouldn't give a hoot in hell for a guy whose wife or girlfriend gave him a more expensive gift on Christmas than he gave her. Unless he is a "kept man", in which case nobody I know would want to have anything to do with him. Get used to ties and shaving cream and shirts and bottles of liquor. That's good enough for you. It's your job to find out what would blow her away - and then get it.

3. Men tell women how good they look right out there in the public view. Women not only spend an hour or two dolling-up because of their own self-respect, but also because they want you to notice them. If they dress up for a date with you, you should be complimented. And if you show up in the perfect nines yourself, that's good enough for you. Women talk about what you look like amongst themselves. They don't do it in public, right out there for the world to hear. So if you're sitting there waiting for someone to tell you how pretty you look - get lost! and get over it.
I compliment men when they look nice--especially if they're dressing up for a special occasion. After all, I want to encourage them. Along those same lines, while I don't require constant compliments from my significant other, when one is going all out for an occasion, an acknowledgement would be nice. I remember going to a fancy affair with a BF several years ago. We both got dressed up. He looked very nice and I told him so. Long pause, then, as the silence got embarrassing for both of us, he said: "You look alluringly busty."

It was the beginning of the end.

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