Oct 9, 2006

Bush on North Korea

Bush says we remain committed to diplomacy, and calls for immediate response from the Security Council. He says NORKs have capability to transfer nuclear materials/technology to Iran and Syria, which would be considered a grave threat to US.

Bill Kristol: "State Department-type address." In other words, more of the same. But initial response to such crises are often more measured. China is key: "Are we going to tell China--at least privately--that this is a priority?" Kristol wants us to ask China to open its borders to North Korean refugees--with us offering to help pay for resettlement. He says Japan also essential. Are we going to back up a more militarized Japan?

Does test come because UN nominated South Korean Foreign Minister Ban Ki-Moon to be UN Secretary General?

John Bolton draws parallel between peace-loving South Korea and its neighbor to the north: "We're working very, very closely with Japan on this."

Dennis Ross: "Iran will be watching very, very closely." Need a response that shows that we're serious. China wants to keep things in bounds, we want to push it as far as possible.

(From TV reports)

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