Oct 31, 2006

Black Dems endorse Steele

They're mad as hell and they're not gonna take it anymore.
"The party acts as though when they want our opinion they'll give it to us," said Curry, Prince George's first black county executive. "It will not be like that anymore."

He noted that support for a Republican is not unprecedented: In 2002, Democrat Kathleen Kennedy Townsend picked a GOP running mate in her gubernatorial bid, passing over a black candidate.

This year, Democratic contender Martin O'Malley is running with an African American from Prince George's County, Del. Anthony Brown. But black Democrats who ran for the U.S. Senate and state attorney general lost in the primary.

Curry would not answer questions about Brown, but he said the state Democratic Party had "trivialized" Prince George's, though it provides the "mother lode of votes in the state of Maryland."
Still might not be enough to win the race for Steele. And, I have to ask, is this a good thing? Wouldn't it be better if Blacks endorsed Steele because they shared his values rather than his skin color?

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