Oct 3, 2006

332 million people didn't

Shoot up a school in the past few weeks.
People who don't like guns, and there's nothing wrong with that in itself, will say that firearms made it easy and we should ban them. Aside from the fact that banning guns will be about as effective as banning illicit drugs (so how's that war going?) it doesn't address the problem. We can ban cars but there will still be drunks. We could go further and ban alcohol but since we've already tried that...

Anyone reading the news these days would think that we live in a world completely filled with mutants. Well, there are plenty of them around but the good news is that while four psychotic individuals -- three in the U.S. and one in Canada -- shot up schools in the past few weeks, 332 million other people didn't. That's the combined populations of the U.S. and Canada and regardless of whatever grudges or childhood scars they were carrying around with themselves, they didn't find any to be of sufficient cause to murder innocents.

That statistic will provide no satisfaction to the victims and their families, of course.

I'm no lover of guns. I'm not a hater of guns, either. I don't care for guns either way. But it's always hard cases like these that bring out the gun control advocates.
And how can you legislate against a once-normal, "nerdy milkman," who goes berserk one day?

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