Sep 7, 2006

Let the Idiot speak

Diplomats at the United Nations were sent into disarray yesterday when President Ahmadinejad of Iran declared that he intended to attend the General Assembly of the world body on September 19 and to debate his country's nuclear program with President Bush, who is due to address the Assembly that day.
The prospect of Mr. Ahmadinejad striding the world stage and voicing his well-known anti-Semitic views and his belief that Israel should be destroyed in the General Assembly was enough to cause a member of the Israeli parliament, M.K. Dan Naveh, to ask the Israeli government to demand that Mr. Ahmadinejad be prevented from attending the Assembly.

I say let the moron speak. Let's see how well his crazy talk plays out to the rest of the world. It plays nicely in Iran but the more civilized parts of the planet will hopefully see him for what he is. A nut job seeking the Bomb

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