Sep 29, 2006

Karl Rove's latest machinations

He's quashing dissent AND foisting Laura Bush on librarians at the National Book Festival.
This is a sad day for library ethics. The Library of Congress under the appallingly political James Billington has once again politicized our professional public persona. And ALA set the sails in this direction. Shame on us!

Can't you see. my colleagues, how the Laura Bush Show is being consciously and cynically used by Karl Rove et al. to affect people's attitudes towards the Repuiblican Party and the Administration in the immediate run-up to the elections? And we are complicit in it. Billington, Kniffel and AL with fulsome praise of LB, Fialkoff with her "First Librarian" nonsense, ALA's Washington Office, the PR flacks of the Association.

Via Conservator.

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