Sep 15, 2006

Have you got a favorite cookbook?

This post spurred me to write the previous entry and I wanted to put in a plug for The New Romagnolis' Table.

It's not quite the Italian counterpart to Mastering the Art of French Cooking, I suppose one of Marcella Hazen's books would fit that bill, but it's a good basic book about Italian cooking that emphasizes the beautiful simplicity of much of the best Italian cuisine. A lot of Italian restaurants have the tendency to pile on, my sister describes it as adding one ingredient too many, The New Romagnolis' Table reminds you that good food needn't be too fussy.

I don't know why I'm writing about cooking so much today, but my sojourn at my sister's place probably helped. She and her husband must buy every cookbook printed in America. I don't. I did, however, recently purchase one of Rachael Ray's 30-Minute Meal books, she seems to have about a dozen of them. I've been in a day-to-day cooking rut for quite some time and wanted some inspiration. And I wanted quick. The book's well organized, but if you have an allergy to perky you might want to skip it. After I got the book home and I noticed that she refers to sandwiches as sammies, I almost took it back to the store.

There are some interesting looking books listed here, I'd like to read the Agatha Christie and the Alice B. Toklas books.

For a literary type, I haven't read too many literary/food books. I've never read MFK Fisher, for example, and at this point I'm afraid the author wouldn't live up to her press, which often seems to be the case. I have enjoyed some of Laurie Colwin's books about food, though I prefer her stories and novels.

How about you?

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