Sep 5, 2006

Europe, cutting the branch she is sitting on

I came across this bomb reading Fausta's blog.

My reaction: agree with one commenter, whose post I'll quote below.

Title: This is a declaration of war
Name: The Raccoon
City: Raccoonland State:
Well, well, well... according to international law, this is a declaration of war, unless I am very much mistaken. The rotting, toothless Europe, being eaten from the inside by the Islamofascist cancer, has just declared war on the State of Israel.

Shall we wait for 20 years until the Eurabian Islamofascists take over completely and have control of the European nukes?

And to the Islamofascists and Islamofascist supporters commenting here: of course you`d like Israel not to be able to defend herself. But, contrary to your hopes, we are not going to commit suicide. You can attempt to jail your last sane people for thoughtcrimes (Oriana Fallaci); you can try to appease your home-grown Jihadis by attacking Israel; you can pretend that Islam is a Religion of Peace (tm); you can ignore the West-hating, Sharia-wanting population of Islamofascists rapidly growing in your midsts.

It does not matter. You`re as good as dead: this is not 1683.

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