Aug 21, 2006

Though shalt not pray against the Jews

A new edict in Egypt. Big Pharoah isn't hopeful.
Hamdi Zaqzoq, the minister of Endowment and a man whom I greatly respect, declared that "he refuses mosques to get involved in the current political dispute."

I find Zaqzoq's reason pretty absurd. It should be wrong to pray against an entire people and hope that their children get orphaned, period. Imagine if rabbis around the world prayed for the widowing of Muslim women and the orphining of Muslim children. We would get very very upset my friends.

Anyway, I don't think Zaqzoq's latest attempt will amount to anything and I'll continue hearing the same crap I often hear every week.

May Allah curse extemists and radicals and religious maniacs. Allah widow their mothers before their fathers get the chance to inject their sperms in them and give birth to these creatures. Allah do us all a favor and quit creating them. Amen.

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