Aug 7, 2006

Taking the religion out of religion

That's how the Reverend Ian Gregory, a retired congregationalist minister, hopes to bring more people to church.
The traditional Sunday morning service will be replaced by "coffee and laughter" - videos of classic comedy films during which people will be able to come and go or read the Sunday papers over tea and toast.

Mr Gregory, a colourful figure who prefers bright ties and a trilby to clerical garb, will then be available to people for "one to one personal consultations" and "healing prayers".

He will also launch a course devoted to people's self-image and confidence, with sessions entitled "Have you a right to be happy?" and "The art of conversation."
It seems to me that those of us who would prefer to spend our Sunday mornings watching movies can put the coffee pot on and turn the TV on to Turner Classic Movies without, you know, getting dressed--something I do often on a weekend morning--while those who go in for religion won't be turned on by courses on raising one's self-esteem.

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