Aug 16, 2006


I've seen blogs posting this video for a week now--I only just actually watched it after Harry linked it--but what's with the outcry of love and support? Are we supposed to be losing our minds because a 79-year-old can operate a video camera? Apparently so.

I'm with Harry on this:
Yeah, he seems a likeable enough old coot, and I wish him well, but the way everyone reacted shows that a lot of apparently normal people are actually serious hysterics. Look at some of the hundreds of video responses. Some of them actually have tears rolling down their foolish faces.

And who needs all this, these vlogs? People go to YouTube to see a fight between a crocodile and a leopard, or clips from Jackass (only good thing on TV, in my opinion) not a bunch of people telling you their boring stories.

You said it, brother. Take Ann Althouse, I really enjoy reading her blog. This, however, does nothing for me. It doesn't add anything to the debate. It's not visually interesting. It's just taking up bandwidth.

But what do I know?

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