Aug 30, 2006

Jimmy Carter hearts the axis of evil

Agrees to hold talks with former Iranian President Mohammad Khatami.
Iranians made the overture for the meeting, and the Carter Center in Atlanta is working on the possible timing, said Phil Wise, the former president's aide.

"President Carter, in his role since leaving the White House, has made his office and services and center available to basically anybody who wants to talk. He believes that it is much better to be talking to people who you have problems with than not to, and that's the approach he takes now," Wise said. "I can confirm that President Carter is open to a meeting if the former president of Iran would like to have one."
Thanks, Jimmy, for being there. Your little trip to North Korea was a big help--for the NORKs. Not surprising that their friends in Tehran should seek the pleasure of your company.

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