Aug 4, 2006

The dog-eat-dog world of ballroom dancing

Former banker files suit against instructor who calls her a lazy cow.
Ms Wong claimed in court that Mr Saccani humiliated and threatened her in front of more than 50 dancers at the open practice session.

Rival dance instructors at the session testified that they heard Mr Saccani tell her: “If you do it again, Monica, I’ll smash your head against the wall.” It was also alleged that he threatened to throw her out of the window.

According to reports, Mr Saccani admitted calling Ms Wong a “lazy cow” but said it was merely a motivational technique to get her to do better. He denied having threatened her with violence. “I’m not abusive. I’m not aggressive,” he told the court.
Maybe it's just me, but if someone paid me HK$120 million for dance lessons, I'd be a little bit more diplomatic.

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