Jul 25, 2006

Living through the blitz in Haifa

Maimon Schwarzschild posts an email from a friend in Haifa.
SIREN! - sorry for these interruptions. Rivka just called as we were heading out to the shelter again; she said that her apartment must be right on top of a siren, since it was REALLY LOUD. The TV reports: several people slightly injured from this last attack -- a propane gas tank burning -- and perhaps people trapped in the ruins of the affected building.

Another interruption, but happier. As I was typing this letter (or trying to, despite Nasrallah's best efforts), Jolene was watching the TV reports about the latest attack. But now neighbor Hannah and Jolene are having an animated and joyful conversation about... shoes! Why don't they at least talk about something interesting, like computer peripherals?

Anyway, I was telling you how the people in the University Library responded so casually to the repeated alarms. Quite remarkable to see.

There is a general consensus here, by the way, that the "situation" is bad for dieting - I can certainly attest to that. At least we will have a good excuse when we go to our dietician next time.

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