Jul 21, 2006

Israel and the left

The Forward writes a story on how many left-leaning bloggers are avoiding the current conflict in the Middle East. Why? Because pro-Israel lefties get too much heat from their readers.
The "venom... is just, from my personal experience, just a whole order of magnitude greater than with garden variety political topics," Marshall told the Forward. His Web site, Marshall said, typically receives 100,000 visitors a day, and as many as 300 to 500 emails from readers. In the past week, most of the vitriolic responses have come from critics of Israel.

I "touched off the fireworks" in saying that "Israel has a right to respond strongly when they have a border incursion over the Lebanese border," Marshall said. "Some readers think that because I'm critical of our policy in Iraq... I'm going to be reflexively critical of what's going on now, which I'm not."

Hugh Hewitt looks at the House vote on a resolution supporting Israel and notes that seven prominent Democrats voted against the measure. Hewitt sees this as an opportunity for the GOP.
The undeniable fact is that a pro-Israel practical voter will pull the GOP lever in November no matter which candidate's name is on the ballot for the House or Representatives or Senate.

The undeniable fact is that a pro-Israel practical contributor will donate to the National Republican Congressional Committee as the best means of keeping the solidly pro-Israel GOP in control of the Chamber.

And the pro-Israel practical contributor will seek to add to the GOP's solidly pro-Israel Senate majority by donating to the four GOP candidates seeking to take a Senate seat away from the Democrats.

We'll see. In the meantime, the Commissar notes that at least one Bush critic has done an about face, thanks to the President's stance regarding Israel.

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