Jul 27, 2006

I love mankind, it's people I can't stand

Cathy Seipp has a piece on summer TV that mentions Morglan Spurlock's show, "30 Days." The season premier features a Minuteman who lives for a month with a family of illegal aliens. And guess what? He discovers that they're human after all.

I hate this kind of agitprop. On the one hand, it assumes that the Minuteman is a raving moron. On the other, it assumes that if everyone just walked a mile in everyone else's shoes then the world would be full of peace, love and understanding. I don't find it illogical in the least for a person to abhor illegal immigration and still like certain illegal aliens as people. And, apparently, neither does the Minuteman.
“These are loveable, wonderful people,” Frank George, the Cuban-born anti-illegal immigration hardliner, said at the 30 Days press conference about the family he lived with in East L.A. for a month. Still, his views remain the same: “No amnesty, deport all illegal aliens — even the ones I love. But I extended an offer: If they all went back to Mexico, all seven of them, I’d be a sponsor [to help the family move to the U.S. legally.]”

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