Jul 10, 2006

Customer dissatisfaction

  1. When you're the only cashier in the store and your colleage calls up to inquire as to whether "some guy" came by the Rite Aid looking for her, how about putting her on hold before you poll the other employees? I'm sorry if my sighing got you off the phone before you "had a chance to ask her about her vacation," but I really wanted to make use of that 1,000-caplet bottle of ibuprofen I was buying.

  2. Yes, I do want a bag. When did not getting a bag become the default? I suspect it offered stores a chance to save a couple of pennies while appearing eco-friendly as when hotel chains now offer you a chance to reuse your towels and forego clean sheets in an effort to save energy. I'm paying for that damn energy and I want every penny of it.

  3. As for the kid at the deli counter who asked if I wanted a bag for my beverages when buying two sandwiches, some cookies and two beverages--see above. And please don't put the beverages on top of said sandwiches.

  4. Finally, I think I can speak for the majority of gas station customers when I plead with a fellow customer to please put out your cigarette and hang up your cell phone before pumping your gas. I appreciate the dexterity that enabled you to pump gas with a cigarette hanging out of your mouth while discussing with your girlfriend the activities of your no account boyfriend, but I believe we'd all breathe a little easier if you stopped multitasking long enough to fill your tank. Oh, and if you turned off your car stereo, too, that would be great.

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