Jul 17, 2006

Bush--and Israel--prevail at G8

Resolution finds fault with Hezbollah--not Israel.
The final G-8 summit resolution marks a diplomatic victory for the president, who arrived in St. Petersburg to a chorus of disapproval from the Russians and many of the European leaders, including President Chirac of France, who told reporters he thought Israel's real motive was to destroy Lebanon.

However, the resolution that emerged yesterday confirmed the president's view of the conflict, that Israel was fully justified in protecting itself against terrorist actions by Hezbollah and that instead of condemning Prime Minister Olmert, the root causes of the violence should be addressed, namely the continuing terrorist actions of Hezbollah.

America demanded that Hezbollah be disarmed, in compliance with U.N. Security Council resolution 1559, which was passed in 2004. Sensing the mood of the summit, Mr. Chirac abruptly changed his tone yesterday. "Forces who jeopardize the security, stability, and sovereignty of Lebanon must be stopped," he said. In a bid for unanimity, world leaders agreed to include a call for a cease-fire and a warning to Israel to avoid attacks on civilians.

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