Jul 11, 2006

America's worst bosses

Contest. Seems like this guy is the one to beat.
Dr. X proved himself to be the worst kind of person imaginable during the week of 9/11.

That day, the patients all canceled their appointments. Perfectly understandable, if you ask me: There's a national tragedy, and the last thing on anyone's mind is their oral health. But this meant no income for Dr. X. His response? Taking $100 out of every employee's paycheck.
I've had a host of bad bosses, but no one's ever actually stolen from me--from the companies I've worked for but not from me. Like the one-time publisher who snuck into the office in the dead of night and took the microwave and other assorted paraphernalia from her office before departing for parts unknown.

Who was your worst boss?

Via Eric the Trotskyite.

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