Jun 8, 2006

The wonders of science: Hypoallergenic cats

Bioengineered kitties are available for $3,950.
The world's first genetically engineered, hypo-allergenic cats are now a reality, according to Allerca Inc., a San Diego-based biotechnology research group that announced yesterday that it had bred a cat that does not cause wheezing and hives among the allergy-prone.

The kitties are a true "scientific breakthrough," said chief executive Megan Young.


The company has conducted trials, exposing cat allergy sufferers to the newfangled anti-itch cats and "non-GD cats," and found that the latter brought on an immediate attack of hives, breathing difficulties and swollen eyes in the test subjects. The 12-week-old kitties -- which arrive by private jet with cat toys -- will be available next April.

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