Jun 23, 2006

Why aren't we going after these leakers?

The blogosphere is rightly disgusted with the New York Times for exposing a secret administration plan that looks at international banking transactions.

Of course, the NYT's behavior is reprehensible; once again the Times has shown that it is objectively against the war on terror.
Considering its Chicken Little calls on "privacy" the last time it broke a national security secret about monitoring overseas communications, one would think the Times would back off. But the Times purpose is to drive the Bush administration out of power. The Times would rather have Mo Dowd in a burka than allow this president to do the job he was elected to do: Defend the nation and promote the general welfare.

But no one at the New York Times applied for and received a top secret security clearance. How about we focus our outrage on the administration insiders who leaked this stuff in the first place?

When reclusive Vanity Fair cover girl Valerie Plame was outed, there was outrage in the halls of Congress and in the nation's editorial pages. This lead to the appointment of a special investigator who's most notable for not indicting Karl Rove.

Where's the outrage now? Who's going to demand that we investigate the traitors who leaked this stuff to the Times?

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