Jun 5, 2006

There's such a thing as too much democracy

A democracy activist in Zimbabwe strong arms his way into a third term as head of a German-funded NGO.
[T]here is a sick joke going around Harare about the human rights community, the good guys against Robert Mugabe’s dictatorship, who are funded by western democracies.

They failed to condemn or isolate or discipline one of their own who last month changed the constitution of his non governmental organisation so he could have a third term as chairman when only two are allowed.

To be sure he got his way Lovemore Madhuku, who is also a constitutional lawyer at the University of Zimbabwe, brought a bunch of thugs to the meeting to beat up anyone who disagreed with him.

Mr Madhuku’s NGO, the National Constitutional Assembly, funded by German money, claims to be campaigning for a new constitution for a more democratic Zimbabwe.

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