Jun 30, 2006

That must have been some bad date

Lawyer files defamation suit against website that allows users to post details about bad dates.
Pittsburgh lawyer Todd Hollis filed a complaint on Thursday after anonymous postings appeared on the website accusing him of passing on a sexually transmitted disease, bisexuality, and dating multiple woman at once -- accusations he said were untrue and damaging to his reputation.

''When you have to explain to someone that you don't have herpes or that you are not a dog or that these accusations are malicious and false it really bothers you,'' Hollis told The Miami Herald. ``You feel awkward when you are walking up and down the street. You don't know whether the whole world knows about it, or if someone is looking at you in a different light because of it.''

Hollis said he asked site owner Tasha Johnson to remove the entries, but she refused.

But someone, apparently, is feeling a little guilty about what she wrote about Hollis. I searched the site and got one post warning against dating Hollis and then this:
I would like to apologize to Todd Hollis and his family for a bio I wrote of him. The bio was untrue - it was meant to be a joke on a friend of mine. It was insensitive and very mean. TOdd is a respectable person and I hope anyone else posting untrue things about him corrects them.

Thanks to Lisa for the tip.

Previous: I wrote about the sitehere.)

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