Jun 2, 2006

SHOCKing behavior

New magazine uses a Michael Yon photo on the cover without his permission.

And they use the photo to compare Iraq to Vietnam.
[W]hen I learned of this blatant infringement of my copyright on that photograph, I issued an immediate statement clarifying that I had not given anyone authorization for this use, and never would have allowed an image which I’ve called ‘sacred to me’ to be used in a flagrant attempt to profit from discrediting and demonizing American soldiers. What outraged me the most is how the timing of this launch coincided with the Memorial Day weekend, putting 300,000 copies of a slick attack on the very same soldiers Americans were honoring across the country. I am so disgusted with what they did with that image, which to me symbolizes the true nature of our military, that I demanded the publisher take it off the shelves.

Far from taking it off the shelves, the magazine publisher is now suing Yon for defamation. It looks to be a long, ugly fight.

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