Jun 12, 2006

RINO sightings: You've got questions, we've got answers

The world these days is a very complicated place with many competing sources of information. So where can you turn for answers to the most pressing issues of the day? For answers, we've consulted the Raging RINOs--that's Republicans / Independents Not Overdosed (on the Party Kool Aid). They may not have all the answers. But they certainly have opinions.

Question: I'm running a Third World country and I'd like for it to remain a political backwater. What's the best way to achieve this?

rino2Treat its corporations like your personal fiefdom and harass high level employees who don't belong to your tribe. Jane at Armies of Liberation demonstrates with the story of an aviation expert who's being terrorized by his employers at al-Yemenia Airlines.

Question: Each day brings news that makes the rape case against Duke University's LaCrosse players look weaker, yet District Attorney Mike Nifong becomes more adamant. What's behind this attitude?

rino2Eric at Classical Values has some suggestions.

Question: What should we do about global warming?

rino2Absolutely nothing, says Andrew at Cardinal Martini.

Question: President Bush has got a lot on his plate. So why the obsession with gay marriage?

rino2Barry at enrevanche looks to the Bible to explain Bush's behavior.

Question: Who will speak for the dead?

rino2Don Surber reports on an alarming state of affairs in West Virginia.

Question: Guess who's going to the World Cup?

rino2Piglito says ...

Question: Michael Yon is fighting against the publisher of a magazine who used one of his photos without authorization. How can I help?

rino2BloodSpite has the details.

Question: What's the deal with net neutrality?

rino2Richard reports on the Markey amendment.

Question: Did Bush steal the 2004 election?

rino2The better question might be: Can RFK Jr. ever be trusted? Orac thinks not. And, unlike Kennedy, he's got the data to prove it.

Question: Is the death of Zarqawi was the best news to come out of Iraq in months?

rino2Not necessarily, says the Commissar. The emergence of Iraq's Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, may be a more substantive development. Al-Mailiki's shown himself to be both tough and independent.

Question: How come so many people swallow conspiracies like The DaVinci Code, yet they refuse to treat the Islamists as a threat?

rino2Put it down to a failure of imagination, says Dan Melson. And a refusal to alter their worldview to accommodate the facts.

Question: Want to show your support for our military?

rino2 Support Project Valor IT, which provides voice-controlled software and laptop computers to wounded Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines recovering from hand and arm injuries or amputations. The organization has run out of funds, reports John of Argghhh!

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