Jun 21, 2006

Quartet money allows Hamas to pursue its anti-Israel agenda

Which seems pretty obvious to me, but what do I know?
If the mechanism manages to alleviate hardships suffered by innocent Palestinians - as a result, of course, of their government's refusal to accept Israel's right to exist, commit to existing agreements and so on - then it is surely to be welcomed. One can't help noticing, however, that the introduction of the aid mechanism creates a strange, two-tier structure of financing for the Palestinian authority (PA). According to this structure, the international community will agree to pick up the tab on mundane daily matters. This, in turn, will leave the elected Islamist rulers of the authority free to pursue matters that they find of greater interest. They will be in the enviable situation among governing authorities of being free to pursue higher, historic tasks, safe in the knowledge that someone else - in this case the generous taxpayer of Europe and north America - has taken on the job of preventing famine and societal collapse in the areas under their control.

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